Digging Out

Its cold, wet, heavy, and its burying your car. Sound familiar?

For Towson University student Phil Smith, this sounds all too familiar. As a commuter student, he uses his car to get to and from school, as well as work, and the four feet of snow made it impossible to dig out.

The Blizzard of twenty-ten created havoc for commuter students at Towson University. Cars were trapped for days and even weeks, and parking spaces are still occupied by massive mounds of snow.

The annoyances that come with the snow are beyond the hassle of shoveling out the walkway. They extend to the driving conditions that everyone dealt with for the past few weeks.

“The roads were just terrible and they took over a week to plow my road,” said Smith.

Smith was also concerned with the road salt and sand used to treat the road surface.

“My car is still covered in sand and salt, but the rain has helped a bit,” he explained.

For another commuting student, the concern of how well his car could handle snowy conditions was most prevalent.

Towson junior Josh Gelber had more car troubles than a recently recalled Toyota.

His green 1992 Corolla is not a fan of the snow, and when Gelber went to dig it out, he ran into a mess of trouble.

“I couldn’t find it, it was buried bad,” said Gelber.

A car buried in uptown Towson durring the blizzard (photo by Adam Salk)

After spending about half of an hour shoveling out his car he found that his battery wasn’t starting.  This of course is a common issue in the cold weather, so he used an old trick to get the battery warmed up.

“I threw on my lights for a few minutes and then tried starting it up again and that did the trick,” Gelber explained.

After finally getting his car cleared and started, he attempted to drive back to his apartment, and yet again had to improvise as more problems arouse.

When your windshield is covered with snow, or perception, your best friend is windshield washer fluid, and Josh had none left.

Being the crafty college student that he was, he grabbed a water bottle laying in his car and poured it in.

An unconventional tactic, but “it got the job done” he explained.

Even if your car was cleared off and in a garage, the actual driving conditions were poor.

Matt Scher, an on-campus student, took his car into a parking garage during the storms, but still had trouble on the road.

“Turning around corners was hard because of the mounds of snow,” said Scher.

In all, each of these students is glad to see the remnants of Blizzard twenty-ten finally melt away.

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