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In the greater Baltimore area an amazing amount of for sale signs cover lawns and sides of homes as the housing market has bloomed with more houses than ever. watch video >>


Time to Buy

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In today’s struggling economy, the market for homes is littered with options, making it the best time to buy. 

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Justin Risso shows some of the work he has done on his car.

by Adam Salk
TU journalism student| May 10, 2010

Think your having trouble finding a spot to park on campus already? Just wait for next year.

As construction projects all around campus are changing the landscape of the University, more and more parking spaces will be taken away.

These projects, which include new academic buildings, and oddly enough, a parking garage that will not be open until the end of 2011, will be taking away a total of 857 parking spaces.

According to the Towerlight, the University will be renting 400 spaces from two garages in downtown Towson, with shuttles running every half hour.

One of the parking lots at Towson. (photo by Adam Salk)

These changes have many commuting students upset.

“It’s already hard enough to find a spot”, said Aaron Schlau.

Furthering the issue, the University will be administering the same number of parking passes as in the previous years.

David Abramson, a junior at Towson said, “parking sucks you need to get there an hour before a class cause its that bad.”

While many students are complaining, some see a positive out of the whole situation.

“I’ll probably end up riding my bike to campus,” explained Sam Steinman.

In addition, the University will be expanding some of its shuttle services to help with the campus congestion.

All in all parking on campus is one of the most heated and controversial topics at Towson University.

by Adam Salk
TU journalism student| Dec. 3, 2010

Sunday’s Towson Tunning club event was a great success. Nearly 50 customized cars and car enthusiast packed Bill Bateman’s parking lot on campus. Graphic designer Brandon was one of the clubs members who came to enjoy food and show of his car. To see his car and hear what he had to say about it check out the rest of the story >>

Digging Out

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By Adam Salk
TU journalism student | Mar. 3, 2010

Blizzard twenty-ten closed roads and halted traffic for a week, and many commuter students felt the wrath as they attempted to dig out their vehicles.


By Adam Salk
TU journalism student | Feb. 15, 2010

Baltimore’s car show, organized by Motor Trend magazine, started a day late, but was still a great showing. (more…)

By Adam Salk
TU journalism student | Nov. 11, 2009

In these changing economic times, where newspaper corporations are tanking, do we deserve free speech, or should we be granted others speech for free?


By Adam Salk
TU journalism student | Oct.  28, 2009

It’s football Sunday and your favorite team’s game is blacked out. Like hundreds of other football fans you and a group of friends decide to flock to the local bar for some wings, brews, and the games. Here is a comprehensive list of the top five spots to watch the games in Towson.

If Twitter is as foreign a concept to you as it is for me, then reading a question and answer session with Tyler Waldman is what your looking for. Tyler works for Towson University’s student newspaper and is a technology wizz. His knowledge of twitter and  how it is a useful tool can be seen in the full text. To read his answers click here >>