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Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

By| Adam Salk, Dec.3 2010

Graphic designer Brandon was one of the clubs members who came to enjoy food and show off his car on Sunday. To see his car and hear what he had to say about it, check out the rest of the story >>

  1. brittanysbeat says:

    I was never really interested in cars, but I thought you’re slideshow was very well put together and I actually enjoyed watching it. You did a great job with getting all different angles for your pictures and putting them in a sequence.

  2. tconno3 says:

    This was an interesting slideshow and I didn’t realize they had car shows on campus.

  3. Jen's Blog says:

    You did a great job of taking pictures for this slide show. Instead of having all of your photos of the car be head-on, you focused on different angles and perspectives.

  4. tjacks21 says:

    I thought that this story idea was great. How many people drive past car shows and actually stop to see what is really going on? The fact that it was at Towson’s campus made it even more wonderful and interesting. I really think that the slide show was put together great and you actually made the pictures line up with your story.

  5. I really liked all of the photos you took for this slideshow. They are really vibrant and give the viewer an idea of how much time and effort Brandon the graphic designer puts into his car. The range of detail shots and close ups pull the story together and give it a wide focus on both the car and the owner.

  6. ankoma37 says:

    A really cool concept. I liked how your pictures matched up the more technical aspects of your car as you went along. I was kind of confused if it was a official event or if it was just an unofficial gathering of sorts.

  7. airconway says:

    While the story was very interesting and your subject’s insight was intriguing, it is the pictures that really bring this story to life. They are absolutely fantastic and had me wanting to see more. Great work overall, Adam.

  8. jbroadwater says:

    That is an incredible car! I like all of the practical, educational info you include about cars in your blog.

  9. My favorite thing about your wordpress site is how it has a specific theme and I’m guessing that it has to do with cars. What I like about this particular post though is that your getting information for someone and he is telling you about his particular car. The pictures really help go along with your story as well.

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