I have been reading Motor Trend Magazine…

Posted: November 1, 2010 in automotive

I have been reading Motor Trend Magazine for years now, and since I can remember they have provided fair, honest and accurate reporting. For most car enthusiasts, MT is the gold standard of car reviews, rankings, and ratings.

Every year the magazine, which is now online, reviews vehicles within each class and provides an overall best. The criterion is based upon advancement in design, excellence in engineering, safety, value, and performance.

This years winner is the Porsche Cayenne. All new for the 2011 year, the Porsche name brings many positive attributes that need not to be mentioned.

However, at a base price of $47K, and growing as expensive as an astonishing $168K, the staff of Motor Trend clearly left out the value category when picking their winner.

Yes, the Porsche is a phenomenal product, but its amazing performance and engineering are padded by the most upscale models that an average consumer could never afford.

Motor Trend has their ratings tainted by the impressive models afford on the highest end, and for this reason they have made a grave mistake.


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