Towson University Parking

Posted: May 11, 2010 in automotive, mcom257/258, Uncategorized

by Adam Salk
TU journalism student| May 10, 2010

Think your having trouble finding a spot to park on campus already? Just wait for next year.

As construction projects all around campus are changing the landscape of the University, more and more parking spaces will be taken away.

These projects, which include new academic buildings, and oddly enough, a parking garage that will not be open until the end of 2011, will be taking away a total of 857 parking spaces.

According to the Towerlight, the University will be renting 400 spaces from two garages in downtown Towson, with shuttles running every half hour.

One of the parking lots at Towson. (photo by Adam Salk)

These changes have many commuting students upset.

“It’s already hard enough to find a spot”, said Aaron Schlau.

Furthering the issue, the University will be administering the same number of parking passes as in the previous years.

David Abramson, a junior at Towson said, “parking sucks you need to get there an hour before a class cause its that bad.”

While many students are complaining, some see a positive out of the whole situation.

“I’ll probably end up riding my bike to campus,” explained Sam Steinman.

In addition, the University will be expanding some of its shuttle services to help with the campus congestion.

All in all parking on campus is one of the most heated and controversial topics at Towson University.

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