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By| Adam Salk, Dec.3 2010

Graphic designer Brandon was one of the clubs members who came to enjoy food and show off his car on Sunday. To see his car and hear what he had to say about it, check out the rest of the story >>

Do the symbols 2-WD or 4-WD mean anything to you? What about AWD?

In the world of cars, these terms refer to 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive, respectively. Many will argue that 4WD and AWD are the same; however this is generaly not true.

In short, the difference is that an AWD system supplies power to all four wheels at different ratios, depending on what is needed. For example when turning, more power may be supplied to the outer wheels to help make a sharper, quicker turn.

Four-wheel drive systems provide constant power to the wheels in an even distribution at all times. Sometimes this can result in wheel slippage, but only in extreme environments.

Many car companies feature specific vehicles that can be optioned with 4WD or AWD. But is this really better?

Sports cars notoriously feature 2WD, and more specifically, rear wheel drive. It allows for faster launches (0-60) and control and higher speeds. Most modern day family sedans and minivans feature 2WD with the front wheels supplying the power.

In the case of 2WD front wheel drive is more efficient in cold weather climates. Many times rear wheel 2WD cars get stuck in snow, but front drive cars can handle most scenarios without a problem.

If you live in a cold climate with harsh winters, than an AWD or 4WD system is defiantly something you want to look into.

Getting stuck in the snow and sliding on black ice is something AWD and 4WD cars know little about.

If you want a dependable and safe drive all year round, no matter the weather, go for AWD. Companies such as Subaru offer full time AWD on all their vehicles and they turn out some of the best products.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The American staple is back.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, first introduced in 1992 by Chrysler has stood the stand of time.

The design scheme for the flagship jeep has remained relatively the same, with a boxy look and 4×4 power-train.

The new engine is a V-6 that puts out 290 horsepower, and all models have the optional HEMI to add even more punch.

But above all is the styling of the newest JGC. The exterior resembles higher class vehicles such as the Mercedes G series, and the smaller Land Rover LR3. The interior is upscale, and provides all the features of more expensive SUV’s.

But  don’t just take my word, check out the new commercials for the 2011 model which are dead on.

End of an Era

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2002 Murcielago

Lamborghini, famous for its world-renowned super cars is putting an end to its most powerful car to date. The Murcielago, a V12 powered beast was first put into production in 2001.

The brands premier model has been the envy of millions. It stayed relatively unchanged over the years.

The low slung two door sport car was most recognizable by its scissoring doors that have been copied by aftermarket gear techs. The “lambo doors” are just a small example of the leading design cues the Murcielago developed.

I have been reading Motor Trend Magazine…

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I have been reading Motor Trend Magazine for years now, and since I can remember they have provided fair, honest and accurate reporting. For most car enthusiasts, MT is the gold standard of car reviews, rankings, and ratings.

Every year the magazine, which is now online, reviews vehicles within each class and provides an overall best. The criterion is based upon advancement in design, excellence in engineering, safety, value, and performance.

This years winner is the Porsche Cayenne. All new for the 2011 year, the Porsche name brings many positive attributes that need not to be mentioned.

However, at a base price of $47K, and growing as expensive as an astonishing $168K, the staff of Motor Trend clearly left out the value category when picking their winner.

Yes, the Porsche is a phenomenal product, but its amazing performance and engineering are padded by the most upscale models that an average consumer could never afford.

Motor Trend has their ratings tainted by the impressive models afford on the highest end, and for this reason they have made a grave mistake.

127 MPG, without gasoline

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Improving gas mileage has been the hottest topic in the automotive world for years. With increases in engine efficiency, aerodynamics, and handling, cars are better than ever. Hybrid cars and trucks have entered many companies fleets, as they boast some of the most staggering mpg ratings ever.

Chevy Volt (via motor trend)

One company has decided to run with the hybrid concept and make it even better. Chevrolet has introduced the Volt, a hybrid four-door hatchback that gets 127 mpg.

Hopefully hitting roads in 2010, the $40,000 dollar Volt will be able to exceed all EPA ratings for fuel consumption. Even better, the future of plugging your car in at night in an electrical outlet like your laptop and cell phone is here.

In the greater Baltimore area an amazing amount of for sale signs cover lawns and sides of homes as the housing market has bloomed with more houses than ever. watch video >>

Time to Buy

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In today’s struggling economy, the market for homes is littered with options, making it the best time to buy. 

audio story >>

Justin Risso shows some of the work he has done on his car.